Business Coaching

In today's fast paced competitive environment, it is more important than ever to have the right people with the right skills and motivation.

Do you often wonder what it takes to have employees who:
★ are fully engaged and like being a part of a successful team?

★ choose to stay with you long term because they want to work for your company?
★ are enthusiastic contributors to the business?

How can I help you?

Business Coaching unlocks the power to engage individuals, teams and the entire corporation enabling them to move to excellence.

    You CAN have employees who are:

    ◊ highly motivated and focused on your business
    ◊ working as a team and communicating effectively
    ◊ offering excellent customer service to all your customers.

We can help you develop your employee's skills quickly and effectively with our customized training and DiSC work assessments. We partner with you to map out and implement a plan to assist you in managing your employees as you grow your business. Whether you are a large, mid-sized, or small company or municipality, we tailor solutions to meet your specific needs that include HR consulting, coaching, training and developing your employees to perform better. We also utilize DiSC assessment tools to enhance your staff's performance including areas such as organizational effectiveness, communications and team building.

Let us put you on the road to success with the customized training and development programs. If you are looking to achieve the next level of success with your staff's job performance consider one or more of the training programs or workshops we offer.

    4 Generations in the Workplace    Resolving Conflict    Effective Sales Skills

    Coaching for Success    Improve Customer Service    Harassment Prevention

    Handling Change    Communicating Effectively    Teams That Work

    Presentation Skills    Managing The Performance Appraisal

    How to Hire Right!    Leadership Development    Management Skills

Our 4 Step Coaching Program

Step 1

Clear identification and agreement on behavioral targets (improvements/enhancements) from the individual, his manager and sometimes a Human Resource professional is involved for organizational perspective. These early sessions explore transforming old behaviors that WERE successful into new behaviors that are critical for new roles or assignments. This time is also used to identify personal and organizational roadblocks.

Step 2

Diagnosis of personal and organizational drivers and hurdles which are helping and/or hindering the individual. This provides an understanding of the levers for change from the individual’s perspective. The diagnostic and insight tools include: 360º Feedback on skills (this can be based on internal competencies or generic skills based on research), behavioral style, team style, values, interests, FIRO-B, Work Expectations, Job Profile Match, Time Mastery, Learning Style, Derailment Indicator, Diversity Index, Listening Assessment, etc.

Step 3

Formulating a Coaching Plan which serves as a written guide to clearly define and agree on behavior changes and skill enhancements that are needed. Also, the methods, steps and agreements on meetings are outlined and time-lined. This is done early in the process and is the compass which keeps the coaching process on track and produces visible measures toward the goal.

Step 4

Formulating a Development Plan midway through the coaching process. This allows the leader to develop some additional understanding of how to be self sufficient in developing him/herself.  This step also shows how to produce a useful development plan that takes the leader past the coach being present, but continues to provide self reflection, solicitation of feedback and continued growth.

What people say about us

Business owners who want to grab attention and get their audience at “Hello,” need to follow Linda’s simple, yet powerful formula for creating an elevator speech. As a writer who helps business owners and entrepreneurs turn their ideas into clear, concise, valuable information, I struggled to find the right words when introducing myself at business events until I followed Linda’s proven formula. If you want to learn how to speak about your business so others will listen—listen to Linda.

Joyce Restaino


I worked with Linda in preparation for an interview with a major corporation. Linda was able to identify key elements of the job spec and clarify my skills and respond clearly and effectively in order to stand out from the crowd. She reviewed my resume and identified skills that met with the job requirements. Then a mock interview during which Linda asked directed questions and listening closely to my responses. She then gave insightful input as to how better to word my responses and present myself over the phone. The outcome was an interview that was stress free because I was prepared. Linda is very professional and I highly recommend using her services.

Michael Gariola

Sales Professional

Thank you very much for your excellent presentation at our SCORE meeting. ! I have had numerous members comment to me about how much they enjoyed your presentation. Your practical experience, insights and enthusiasm was clearly evident and appreciated.


SCORE, NJ Chapter
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