Managing Trauma in the Workplace

Grief Plan

Your employees are your most important asset for running your business and keeping it profitable. Research indicates that illness or a death in the family is the second most common problem which affects workplace performance. (stress is #1). When a death or other serious crisis occurs, on average it impacts the lives of more than 25 other people. Workplace trauma which includes grief and loss, can affect the individual or the entire team. Handling loss at work is challenging on a personal and professional level.

While 84% of companies have Employee Assistance Programs, only 10% of employees use them.  A manager needs to do more than just send a grieving individual to an EAP program which only addresses part of the grief/crisis picture.  He or she needs to know:

    * The impact of grief and how it affects the entire team
    * What to do and say in times of crisis & grief
    * How to talk to a grieving individual as well as their co-workers
    * How the team’s productivity is affected during the grieving/crisis period

Grief coaching expert, Linda Trignano, addresses the critical need to train your managers on handling workplace grief and crisis issues in a workshop covering:


    That the issue of grief and crisis is a part of every business at some time
    Grief affects not only the person in crisis, but their co-workers as well.


    Train your staff
    Know resources available to you

    Put plan in place to train your staff on how to handle grief or crisis in the workplace BEFORE a crisis arises.

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Grief Coaching Interview


Losing my son was the most devastating and difficult thing I have ever had to endure.

Working with Linda was like having a gentle arm around me, to be there when I needed to cry and listen when I needed to talk. Linda has a special gift that allows her to really touch a person's heart. She helped me through the grief process and I will always be grateful for her love and deep understanding. She is the best!!!
Mary Ann Pisciotta, Little Falls, NJ

Thank you for your wonderful session at ALA National Conference in Toronto.

I have already implemented one of your suggestions. An attorney’s stepfather passed away this week and she explained how her mother is so extremely upset. I decided that I would send a plant garden to her mother (something I normally don’t do) and gift to the attorney - an angel memorial light (versus the flower garden variety of a gift). I thought specifically about the attorney and how she is a single mom with two little girls. I thought they would love the angel lamp and thought of your words about something different and more personal. I also am compiling a resource library for my benefit when the need arises. Again, thank you!
Ms. Gail Farther, Executive Director