Workshops & Seminars

Today's organizations need employees that are innovative and actively engaged in moving the organization forward. In such a fast-paced environment, developing and training your staff to perform at peak performance is critical to thriving and growing as an organization.


Connecting with Customers

Acquiring new customers and retaining current ones is critical to growing your business. Having the right networking skills and the ability to connect with your customers is....


The Coaching Partnership

Coaching is a confidential one-on-one relationship between a professional coach and a leader in a company or organization for the purpose of improved individual, team or organizational performance and effectiveness. Coaching may be the right tool when you are looking to enhance your career and increase your on-the-job success through. Individual coaching plans tailored to your specific needs will ensure that you excel.

Successful business solutions


Speaking, everything from talking about your company and the products you offer, team meetings, speaking to the media, to every day conversations, all require both skill and confidence. The ability to speak clearly and intelligently in front of your customers, your manager, your peers and industry requires a combination of business acumen, good writing skills and a mastery of the spoken word. Work with us and we will motivate and inspire you to speak better than you ever thought you could.

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DiSC insight assessments

DiSC offers the power to transform individuals, teams and organizations. You and your staff can discover your full potential and realize greater success. Our assessments create the opportunity for you and your team to experience transformational changes to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your team, your company and the relationships of everyone involved. With a better understanding of each other, collaboration, team building and communication all work together to move the organization forward.

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Manage Grief in the Workplace

Guidance for Managers & Staff

People who work together often become like family. Give your staff the guidance and care needed during difficult times of transition.

Illness, death or other loss can often affect your team emotionally and negatively impact work performance.

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A few samples of topics which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Speak & Be Heard - Tips for Meaningful Communication

Know the best way to highlight your ideas can lead to a better career path.

Bank on Your People Skills

Your people skills and confidence go hand-in-hand in boosting your career.

The Challenge of Change

The fast pace of change today presents a challenge to those in the workplace.

I Just Called to Say I'm Sorry

People that work together often become like family.