Land Your 1st Job Quickly.


Job search for those new to the hiring practices today can be daunting without the right guidance to impress the interviewer.

Job map with push pin on work job.

Start Off On The Right Foot - Your First Job, Your First Interview!

As a recent graduate looking to land your first job out of college, you need to be sure that all of the steps in the job search process are being attended to. These basic steps are important in the job search process and it can not be stressed enough – you can not skip over them. Learn the insider recruiter tips! I rely on my experience as a recruiter with a Fortune 50 company, including college recruiting, to focus on the steps that need to be followed to land your next job.

Some of the basics in any job search plan include: 

Step 1.

A focused, clear resume and LinkedIn profile

Step 2.

Demonstrated examples of the skills and experience needed to do the job

Step 3.

Finding and applying for open jobs

Step 4.

 Networking skills

Step 5.

 Interviewing skills

Step 6.

Negotiating skills (including salary and closing the deal).


Be prepared to impress the interviewer that you are the right person for the job. Career coaching can give you the edge to outshine the other applicants. Start today working with Coach Linda to ensure that you start down the right path - landing your next job ASAP!