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“Land Your Next Job ”

Looking for a job today requires a number of different skills that hiring manager looks for to determine if you are the right fit for their job.


Work with me to ensure that you are highlighting all of  your skills during your next interview.

Why work with me?

From the very beginning my focus is on you.

My mission is to help you land your next job regardless of your age!      I help you polish the confidence and communication skills you need to stand out in a crowded field. 

My thorough, in-depth discussions cover where your career is today, your current skills, and the value you bring to a hiring manager. Additionally, through my years of career coaching, I can identify and help you articulate the skills you have but don't see. 

Strategy & Research

Utilize research tools and strategies that ensure you know the company, the interviewer, and the specific requirements of the job you are applying for.

Refine & Practice

Refine your resume and communication skills in order to make an impact throughout the entire job search process.  Impress, influence, and inspire.

Marketing & Target

Learn the best steps to take to market and showcase your best skills in a variety of channels that ensure you are found by recruiters and headhunters.


about us

I have successfully used my expertise as a former corporate recruiter and hiring manager with AT&T to help many job seekers land their next job!

Over 1000+ successful job landings and still counting. 


Do you want to dramatically improve your job performance? Do you need guidance preparing for an interview? Or do you need to build on the skills of your team so that they interact more positively with you, their peers, or customers? 


If you are ready, Coach Linda will work with you utilizing her in-depth coaching technique to uncover and define your unique skills and guide you in applying those skills for improved performance.



Preparation is the key to online interviewing!

Interviewing has changed along with many other aspects of our daily lives - almost overnight. For most companies, the global pandemic has moved to online interviewing, and many job seekers may not be prepared for a significant shift in how to represent themselves on camera.

Interviewing online is similar to in-person interviewing, but there are several additional aspects of online interviewing that demand new skills if you want to stand out in the crowded interview field.

If you are interested in finding out more about my career coaching services, especially how to prepare to impress the interviewer. reach out today and we can discuss your options.



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"Extremely helpful and encouraging presentation. Linda delivers an excellent message."

" Excellent examples!! Very helpful. Felt validated. Linda "gets it"."

"Excellent presenter!! Very interactive."

"Awesome presentation!! Very relevant. Thank You Linda!"

Successful Job Seekers

Various Clients

"Linda, I can’t thank you enough for delivering such a fabulous presentation this morning. You were wonderful! The program was very well received. Some of the comments my Evaluation Forms contained include: ‘Linda is an excellent speaker/presenter. Enjoyable program!’ ‘This topic was very helpful and enlightening.’ ‘Thanks for a great program.

County College of Morris

I purchased your CD “The Age Old Issue of Age”. and wanted you to know that I learned so much from it! I saw myself making some of the mistakes you spoke so eloquently about. I am better prepared to go into my next interview which is this Friday. Thanks for your guidance!

Len Resto

Chatham Job Search group


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