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Linda trignano

Certified Career Coach


Here's why you should try my "no-obligations" call today.

Linda Trignano

Career Coach


What You’ll Get During This Free Interviewing Strategy Call

When thinking about working with a career coach, I feel it is best to have a brief conversation to determine your needs and whether I am the right coach for you. That is why I offer this "no obligation" call! Set up a call with me today to see how we can work together to get you to your next job quickly!

What You’ll Do Before the Call

Gather your thoughts about your job search strategy, your resume, and why you feel I can help you with your transition and any other questions you have about your job search.

What Happens During the Call

I will listen to your concerns and ask what steps you have taken so far in your job search strategy. I will also ask you about your desired timeline, plan, and how you feel I can help you.

What Changes After the Call

After the call, I will give you time to think about our conversation and send you a quick email a day or two later asking if you have made a decision about us working together. 


About Linda Trignano

I have worked as a certified corporate recruiter with AT&T filling jobs at all levels (from entry to Vice President) for the corporation. I directed a team of recruiters responsible for filling open positions; I taught hiring managers how to interview and trained new recruiters to acquire the necessary skills to bring the right individuals into the company. 

I know and understand the job search process from all positions. I  apply the knowledge I gained during those years to you and your job search. Knowing the hiring process from so many different view (Human Resources, Recruiter, Hiring Manager, and finally the downsized individual) gives me a tremendous edge over other career coaches.  


Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

Here is what some you have said about your consultation call. 

Arlene B.

Marketing Manager

Working with Linda was a great decision for me. She is exceptionally knowledgeable about job search and up-to-date on online interviews. Her skill helped me land a new job quickly and at a great company!

David S.

IT Developer

Linda understood my career and skills from day 1. She has an excellent working knowledge of the skills needed today, which helped move my job search along a lot quicker than working on my own would have provided. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise!

Jessica K,

Project Manager

Since this is the first time I have been unemployed since college, the initial consultation call gave me the confidence to hire a career coach. Job search today is a lot more complicated than it has been in the past, and I'm glad that I did not delay in starting my career search. With Linda's help, I am sure that I will shorten my search considerably.


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